We live in Norfolk

It’s the perfect place for us, because it has a warmer climate (by British standards!) which potatoes love. In fact, a third of all potatoes in the UK come from East Anglia.

In 2016 we formed the
Kettle Growers Group

a collective which includes most of our potato suppliers, the majority of whom are within just 30 miles of our factory. They work alongside us to ensure that our potatoes, our relationships with our farmers and our supply chain are the best they can be.

The nearby North Sea
FRETS’ In warm weather,

meaning that a fog rolls in from the coast, protecting our potatoes from excessive heat.

We’re not always growing
the same potatoes

– we’re testing out new varieties all the time, to make better KETTLE® Chips and to reduce our environmental impact, such as improving the number of potatoes we get from each harvest, and exploring varieties with lower water requirements.

The UK potato industry produces
around 5.5 million tonnes

of potatoes a year. That’s nearly as much as the entire Great Pyramid of Giza, or seven times as much as San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

Did you know?
Potatoes have been grown in space

aboard the space shuttle Columbia. And there are some that believe you can live on buttery mash alone – but we don’t reckon you should try!