Your wedding… the best day of your life, spent with your loved ones and for our Senior Brand Manager, Sarah, KETTLE Chips of course! Which is why her beloved snacks took centre stage on a crisp wall, perfectly situated by the bar and dancefloor for her evening guests to enjoy.

Which got us thinking, shouldn’t crisps be at more weddings? So, if you’re planning a wedding and love chips as much as your wife/ husband to be, then here’s 5 ways you can include these crowd pleasers at your big day:

Crisp Buffet- You’ve seen a sweets buffet, so why not have a crisp buffet! Jars full of different flavours and textures, this pick n mix will be a sure-fire hit! To make it extra special, why not get paper bags with your names and wedding date printed on them?

Crisp Table Names- Unique table names are a great way to personalise your wedding, so why not name them after your favourite crisps?! A great conversation starter and you could even put a bowl of each type on the table for your guest to enjoy while they wait for their meal. And, of course, save your favourites for your top table… KETTLE Chips 😉

Crisp Bunting- Bunting is a staple at a wedding, but why not go the extra mile and create a crisp bunting! Peg rows of your favourite crisps on a string and then lower for some evening nibbles.

Crisp Wall- And how could we forget the crisp wall! Create a free-standing wooden frame, attach some chicken wire and peg your favourite flavours. You can also add a witty pun like ‘RelationChip Goals’ to the top like our Senior Brand Manager, Sarah… making it the perfect backdrop for photos!

Want to include crisps at your big day? Buy in store today!


Wedding ideas- Crisps wall

August 24, 2022