About us

There's more to KETTLE® than you think...

We're all about real food ingredients.

We believe that the more care and attention we put into our products, the better they taste.

That’s why we only ever use real ingredients to give you the best taste and texture. That means no added MSG, artificial flavours or colours.  Everything is made with care by people with a real passion and enthusiasm for what they do.

Take our chips. We hunt out the best potatoes, then hand cook them with care in small batches and season with simply great tasting combinations of ingredients. And ta-da, great crunch and flavour every time.

It’s been that way for 30 years. Take a look at our journey so far.


Cameron Healy Founded Kettle Foods In Salem, Oregan, USA.

His aim was to provide high quality, naturally sourced products. Starting with nothing more than an old van and a vision, Cameron took to the road selling cheese and roasted nuts to natural food stores.

Kettle Foods was ticking over nicely, but it was the moment Cameron first sampled the delights of homemade potato chips on a Hawaiian beach that changed everything. Once home he immediately began experimenting with traditional chip production methods. It took a while to perfect the process but soon KETTLE® Chips was born.


During a six week motorcycle adventure...

…Cameron and his son discovered the British love of crisps, prompting Cameron to establish Kettle Foods in the UK.

He chose Norfolk as our home, where you can still find us to this day, in order to be as close as possible to many of our potato growers. Our first home was actually the corner of an old converted shoe factory in Norwich. And so, from humble beginnings, the first KETTLE® Chips were produced in the UK.


While dining at Norfolk Broads Restaurant Bennigan's...

…Cameron Healy and UK Co-owner, Tim Meyer, got talking to owner and chef Chris Barnard, in whom he recognised a true passion for authentic foods and ingredients.

Sharing Cameron’s vision, Chris soon packed up his utensils and recipe books to join us in setting up the UK branch of Kettle Foods

Present Day

and Today...

All the KETTLE Chips you get now are made here in the UK, with British potatoes, but our American name is a nod to the adventurer that brought us here!

Thanks Cameron!